About Us...

The OCFA Benevolent Association was established based on a need to have a formally organized method of assisting fellow firefighters when they are injured, ill, or have a catastrophic event within their immediate family. This need was identified after several disabling injuries to our Firefighters, leaving their co-workers limited ability to lend a helping hand. Prior to organization of the Association, the main method of assistance was by "passing the hat" at the fire station, and by hosting fundraisers such as pizza parties, car washes, etc… Our original founding Directors recognized the need to have a method by payroll deduction of taking the guesswork out of helping our fellow brothers and sisters.

Our Association has grown from a fairly informal organization, with relatively modest assets, to a very well-organized entity, with over 1,300 members, over $1 million in assets, a professional office with staff, expanded programs, increased benefits, high respect of members, OCFA management, and public. We are continually growing and improving the benefits and services to our members by great leaps and bounds each year.

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